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June 11, 2012
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Life by kangel Life by kangel
One night I got the thought 'what if life was a ball of clay?' (I don't know why .... :'I ). It got me thinking what would you do with this ball of clay? Everyone gets one, they're all different and you can do what ever you like with it (as long as whatever you wanted to do with it was possible - you can't change the ball of clay into water or give it the ability to fly etc).
When you're little the ball of clay is a fun thing, it's something we play with. As we get older we realise the clay can be used in different ways. Then you might choose to share your ball of clay with another and maybe you'll make more balls of clay now that you've combined two.
You might choose to make something from the ball of clay and other people might choose to try and destroy what you make with their own clay. You can either stay defeated or pick up the pieces of clay and rebuild what you'd done before, or maybe make something better, or something as good as you can with what's left.
Some people are the ones destroying other's clay, and sometimes they're only happy when other people's clay is destroyed. They might be angry at their ball of clay for not being better, or more like they want. They might be sad with their clay.
Some people might choose not to keep the clay anymore. Some may loose it or have it taken away by someone or something else.
Everyone's ball of clay is different and, although it's not fair, sometimes the clay is broken or weakened. We might take a piece (or pieces) of the balls of clay people no longer have in an attempt to fix or strengthen. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but eventually everyone's ball of clay will dry up and turn to dust.
We never know where the ball of clay came from or what we're supposed to do with it, all we know is that we have it.

I think this is the first time I've made a comic that wasn't meant to be funny (So unnerved I am).
It's long :'I
So much scrolling.
Also a lot of text.

And now .... Pikaman.

Thanks for looking :heart:


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This is really nice! <3
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wow what a inspirational story *o* love it <3
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:) life
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 sincerely like this, it's a satisfying analogy that actually makes sense. well done, artist.
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poor boy meeeeeeeeeeeen girl !!!!!!
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it was cool but made me kinda sad :'(
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:) :heart:
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